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About Me

Over the decades of work in the nuclear industry (I deal with issues of thermal reliability of perhaps the most powerful research reactor in terms of neutron flux SM-3, and also have experience in the design offices of AtomStroyExport, AtomTechKonstruktsii and Scientific and Production Company Sosny), I have formed my own opinion on the optimal solution of existing technical and technological problems, which is based on the ALARA principle. It is necessary to look for solutions that provide maximum efficiency and safety at the lowest cost. Such solutions should be based on simple and reliable principles of operation and, above all, on the use of systems with a passive principle of operation based on gravity, which never “breaks” or “fails”.
Since I do not speak English, most of the content, except for the titles, will be posted in Russian. However — thank the great Google Translate — this should not cause much difficulty, in any case, a general understanding of what is written will probably be obtained, and the questions that have arisen can be clarified in the course of personal correspondence. Some of the content is already pre-translated by Google Translate, so some readers will have to use reverse translation of the text…

Engineering issues of research nuclear reactors are dealt with by a limited circle of specialists for a simple reason — there are not so many such reactors. However, many unresolved problems associated with the design and operation of nuclear installations may be of interest not only to narrow specialists, but also engineers in other industries and young people who choose interesting and creative work.
For example, I am interested in reviewing and analyzing already known technical solutions in various areas of the nuclear industry, and often I have thoughts about the possibility of improving them. And of course, if the idea that has arisen is related to my work, I offer it for consideration to my employer, but, unfortunately, the reality is that most often they are perceived as some kind of fantasy that contradicts the planned work plans or lies outside the scope of the employer, therefore uninteresting.

Sometimes I patent some ideas solely to make them available to a wide range of specialists. But, at the same time, I have almost no illusions that someone who accidentally got acquainted with the patent will be interested in the proposed solution and will implement it. The main goal of the site is precisely this — that the proposed technical solution would find interested persons or companies who would decide to put the idea into practice. And then I will help and promote this in every possible way, because, as I said, my main goal is to see my idea embodied in metal and become really useful to people. Therefore, to all those who seem interested in any of the ideas presented here, I will provide maximum assistance in its implementation and I am ready to participate in clarifying the inevitable questions and discussing them. While the site is not filled with content, and I plan to do it gradually, but if someone has an interest in one of the topics listed above, then I will fill it with content in the first place.

Nuclear reactors

Анализ дизайна исследовательских ядерных установок

Safety analysis

Анализ безопасности предложенных концпций реактоных установок


Изобретения в области ядерной отрасли и теплотехнического оборудования

Alternative energy

Использование инновационного оборудования в альтернативной энергетике.

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